Friday, August 10, 2012

Bridal Make Up: Mrs. Jen Blough :)

Meet one of my first "official" clients, the beautifulllll bride Jen :)
It's pretty obvious that my job was going to be very easy with Jen. She has big, beautiful blue eyes, wonderful complexion and a great skin tone. We decided that her 'wedding look' would be best to enhance her eyes, and use light tones for her lips. 

Jen and I live close to one another, so her trial was broken into 2 parts :) During her first trial, I prepped her skin by matching the foundation to her skin tone, which to her appeared too light. In her words "I feel like Twilight," lol. With Jen being an avid tanner, I'm not surprised that she felt that way. Often times, we chose a color that is darker than we actually need and in artificial light it looks fine, but you have to be careful of how it looks in natural light. So to help her feel more comfortable in her own skin, literally ;) I chose a foundation one shade darker, then used a lot of bronzer to enhance her sun-kissed look. Sidenote, it killed her, but I did recommend that she did not tan 2 days before the wedding. The reason being is tanning dries your skin out, and when you lay foundation on top of that, it won't look as smooth. So it's good to give your skin a little break before being heavily photographed. And it is a must, if you tan, use a facial moisturizer every day/night! :)

To give Jen a dramatic eye, I used dark brown eyeliner with a dark brown shadow on top of the line, light brown on the brow bone and gold tones for blending. During her 2nd trial, we experimented with silver tones and black eyeliner (we even put the two different looks on each eye lol) and while both looked great, we agreed the gold looked amazing on her. 

To finish her look off, we used a nude lipliner (lip liner is important, not for everyday, but when you want your makeup to last and stay in place, use it!) On top we used a pale pink lipstick that was the perfect shade for her. 

And with that, we have a beautiful bridal look. Thank you Jen, and many healthy and happy years for you and Hayden! :) 

Special thanks to JenMcken for the use of her amazing photography! :)


  1. Yayyy I love this!! Alicia you were absolutely wonderful to work with and I loved every second of it!

    P.S. I'm surprised you didn't post the crazy eyes picture for everyone to see hahaha! Anyways, thank you again for making me look fabulous for my wedding day ;-) You're the best! <3