Friday, October 5, 2012

Glam Session with 3 of my Favs!

One of the great things about my friends is they are so supportive with every dream I chase... even if that  means their photos will be on the internet without any makeup lol. This week, my cousin Jackie, and my close friends Ashli and Kelly came over so that I could try a few looks out. Please note, the before pictures were edited to black and white to make everyone feel more comfortable with being so "exposed." The after images have not been edited (with the exception of cropping.)

My first look with cousin Jackie, is what I would call the Bridal look. So many of the brides I've worked with have had a similar look - eyes that stand out, natural tones elsewhere. Naturally, Jackie is verryyyy beautiful so I was really excited to see what she would like like all done up. In reality, she looked even better than I imagined - her eyes popped with the green metallic (prettier than it sounds lol) & black eyeshadow- finished off with some extreme false eyelashes. Check her out!

Next was the model worthy Ashli. You have not seen perfect skin until you have seen hers. I didn't even need to use full coverage liquid foundation, mineral powder only!!! For Ash, I used a light eye with some awesome gold shimmers and made her lips pop with a bright cherry color that I love! So glamorous!

Last is my stunning Kelly with the full on Glam look, and she is a wuss and wouldn't let me post the "before" picture (but I promise you, she looked cute in it lol.) Anyway, I smoothed her skin tone with Revlon Photo Finish liquid foundation (best stuff ever) and I went to work on color! I have these really fun denim blue shades with grey tones and I knew they would really make her eyes pop...did they ever! With the heavy eye, we did a light peachy-pink tone lip as to not look too overdone. LOVED the final look!

I have the sweetest friends in the whole world, but what makes it even better is they are all so hot!! lol I love you guys <3 And special thanks to my cousin Jillian for taking some photos for me! :)

PS - The next time I do my own glam makeup, I promise I will do a before and after and post it... I guess that's only fair ;)