Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Weird Passion

I decided before I get completely immersed in all that I have to share, it would be good to provide some background info ;)

 A few weeks ago, my friend Ashli came over to drink some wine and chat. Our talks either tend to be completely superficial and ridiculous (repeating grade school hilariousness over and over), or they get intensely deep in trying to figure out the purpose of our lives. During this chat, Ashli asked me "What are you passionate about?" I hate this question and can sum up why in 3 little words: I.Don't.Know. I LOVE a lot of different things, but passionate? That seems so intense... like a higher level of commitment then just something you enjoy doing. So while I responded, I realized I was giving her an answer on something that I'm good at... but not really something that I fully enjoyed.

So I fessed up. I told her, "I feel like this is my passion, but I feel that it's really weird... I am passionate about makeup and makeup artistry." Not batting an eye, my friend seems to think this is completely normal, which made me think... Yes, I have a heart for many things. I am a deeply spiritual person, I love taking care of my family, I am happiest when I'm with people I care about... but when I'm truly honest with myself about something that makes me happy, that has nothing to do with anyone else... I am passionate about makeup! PHEW that felt like a confession!!! ;)

While I felt like this was a huge revelation, my friends and family find this completely normal. When I was 6 my parents put a regulation on the days I could wear makeup (Saturday and Sunday) because when I'd scrub it off every evening, my eyes would be all red and puffy for school the next morning. (This obviously was long before I realized there was eye makeup remover! lol) I've just always loved it.

SO, after years of building a house, planning a wedding, and now raising a puppy, being a wife and a full time marketing manager, it's time for me to do something for me, and I am pouring that into Dixi Makeup Artistry. While I have always done makeup for random weddings or events, I've decided it's time to make it official with this business and I plan to share the ups and downs on this page.

I hope you check back to see upload of photos, tips, and full instruction on some of the beautiful brides I have in my line up! For more information, please feel free to contact me at diximakeupartist@gmail.com!

<3 Alicia

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