Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bridal Makeup: Mrs. Mariah Olney :)

 One of the highlights of my little makeup career thus far has been the wedding of my best friend Mariah. Mariah and I worked our first "real" job together in a marketing department with a bunch of awesome women (hi girls!) and we just hit it off in an effortless friendship. We've gotten closer through the years through lots of ups and downs, but the hardest yet was her move to Alaska. (Those of you who read my previous post, YES I have one best friend in Florida, and one in! lol) So for me, Mariah being in Alaska sucks but she loves it there and so does Dale, her awesome husband who made the big move with her. Mariah's wedding was a stunning event with the ceremony in an outdoor setting of a winery and the reception at the Summit Inn Resort near Uniontown.

Mariah is never one to wear a lot of makeup, so I was conscious of that in her bridal look. She has perfect skin, with only a touch of redness so it took very little liquid foundation to smooth out her color. With her brown eyes as the desired focus, I used a dark cocoa liner with a matching shadow over top, this immediately make them pop. I used some light silver tones on the rest of the lid and finished off with some false eyelashes (a girl's best friend!). Her lips naturally have nice pigment to them, so all I did was use a matching tone to make them stand out a little more. Mariah's look was quick and easy and only took about 30 minutes! This was a good thing considering I then did the makeup for 3 bridesmaids and 2 mothers in less than 2 hours - ahhh!! It was a crazy morning but everyone looked great! :)

On a sidenote, Mariah had the great idea to have her closest friends bring their wedding dresses to the Summit. All 4 of us got married in the same year, and with all four of us in our gowns, the photographer was able to get some great shots!

Love you Mariah, and many years of health and happiness to you and Dale :)

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  1. Alicia, you did a wonderful job on all of our makeup, and I'm so thrilled that you were able to be such an integral part of our big day as my "Fronk" :)

    I cannot thank you enough for not only making us all look beautiful but for being such a truly amazing friend. I'm so proud of you for this amazing business venture and you'll always have my unwavering support!

    You ROCK!

    Love you!